Extra Ice Pack(s) for Chilled Food

Chilled Good 500g. Recommended: One (1) extra Ice Pack for every two (2) Chilled Products ordered.  Reusable ice packs help keep refrigerated and frozen food chilled.

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All "Chilled Products" are packed with one free ice pack which will help keep your perishable food chilled for 24 hours. Additional ice packs and/or a Poly Box are highly recommended for ALL chilled orders. 


- Easy to use.

- Safe Non-Toxic.

- Replaces Ice.

- Reusable.

- USFDA approved.

- Not sold separately.



Safe and sustainable disposal of Thermogard gel ice packs

If you have an over-supply of gel ice packs, then disposing of them safely and sustainably is easy. These gel ice packs do not contain any chemical nasties or toxic ingredients.

Thermogard’s gel ice packs won’t harm the environment or clog up your drain. Made of super-absorbent polymer, the gel does not release any harmful gases even in landfill. By adding a teaspoon of salt and mixing with the gel you will be able to pour this down your drain. The salt will break up the gel to a more liquid form, this will mean the gel will not clog your drain.

If you need to get rid of any unwanted gel packs, all you have to do is follow these three steps:

Step one:  Defrost any unwanted gel ice packs and cut open using a pair of scissors. 

Step two:  You can choose 1 of the following 3 options  –

  1. Spread gel around your plants to retain water moisture.
  2. Add a teaspoon of salt to gel pack and pour gel down the drain.
  3. Empty the gel into your rubbish bin.

Step three: Once you have got rid of all the gel, give the plastic casing a good rinse under the tap. You can then recycle the case in a flexible plastics recycling bin. You will need to double-check on your local recycling requirements by checking online.

But rather than throwing away your gel ice packs, why not reuse them? You can reuse these handy chiller packs multiple times.

Chilled Good— Chilled Goods are subject to delivery restrictions and require same-day or next-day delivery. See Shipping & Delivery for details. All Chilled Goods are perishable and shipped with ONE free ice pack. Additional Reusable Ice Packs and/or a Poly Box should be purchased separately. Overnight Deliveries are not guaranteed. Couriers are not refrigerated and the purchaser assumes all risk for perishables.