Vegan Curry Paste

400g. Take the fuss out of cooking curry! Chose From:  Red, Green, Yellow

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These are great buying as a single spoonful will give you a great, authentic tasting curry and you still have loads left to pop into it's own little bucket to sit in fridge for curries to come.


Ingredients List;

Red Curry: Dried red chilli, 35.50%, lemongrass 15.20%, garlic 12.20%, salt, 12.20%, shallot 11.70%, galangal 10.20%, coriander seed 1.75%, coriander root .75%, kaffir lime skin .50%

Green Curry: Fresh green chilli 35.50%, lemongrass 15.20%, garlic 15.20%, salt 12.20%, sallot 10.20%, galangal 8.20%, cumin powder 1.75%, kaffir lime skin 1%, coriander seed 0.75%

Yellow Curry: Dried red chilli 20%, shallot 20%, garlic 20%, spices 15%, salt 13%, lemongrass 5%, turmeric 5%, galangal 2%

Nutritional Information (100g)

  Red Yellow Green
Energy Value 644kj 666kj 497kj
Protein 4.3g 3.9g 4.2g
Fat 7.8g 7.5g 6.8g
Carbohydrate 16.6g 18.1g 10.0g