Poly Box for Chilled Food

6ltr-30ltr. For orders with chilled food only. Not for individual sale. Helps keep your ordered chilled items cold during delivery, and may prevent frozen items from thawing. May be returned for store credit

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Polystyrene boxes are 100% recyclable and one of the best known insulating materials on the planet. Making it the perfect choice for packing any temperature sensitive foods. Polystyrene is food contact safe and will protect from outside temperatures during delivery. 

The Poly Box is also a very favourable choice with surprisingly good green credentials that you may not know about... EPS is 98% air and is manufactured in some of the most modern, environmentally certified factories where only steam and high pressure is used during the moulding process. This makes EPS a uniquely resource-efficient packaging material with a small carbon footprint.



- All "Chilled Goods" are shipped with a minimum of one ice pack which will keep perishable food chilled for 24 hours. Adding an optional Poly Box may help keep your frozen items from thawing.

- Polystyrene boxes and Ice Packs are for The Cruelty Free Shop customers purchasing chilled food items only.

- Not for individual sale.

- Poly Box style and dimensions vary by order.

- 100% recyclable.

- Food safe.

- Undamaged Poly Boxes may be returned for store credit.

- Limit one per customer. 



Please reuse or recycle this Poly Box sensibly! Do not dispose of carelessly, as styrofoam can be harmful to animals and their habitats.

Chilled Good— Chilled Goods are subject to delivery restrictions and require same-day or next-day delivery. See Shipping & Delivery for details. All Chilled Goods are perishable and shipped with ONE free ice pack. Additional Reusable Ice Packs and/or a Poly Box should be purchased separately. Overnight Deliveries are not guaranteed. Couriers are not refrigerated and the purchaser assumes all risk for perishables.