Random Snacks of Kindness

A vegan snack sack containing 8 random snacks. Every bag is different!

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Every Vegan Snack Sack contains 8 randomly chosen goodies from our store. This fun bag (or gift) includes a wonderful selection of snacks, chocolates, sweets or drinks from our expanding list below. Every bag is different!

Your snack sack may contain;

Trade Aid Dark Chocolate, Bella Dark Chocolate, Primal Strips, Serious Popcorn, Sweet Williams, Viana, Jelly Tots, Eco-Vital, Mylk, Roar, Biona, Dandies, Vegan Rob's, Cookie Time, Go Max Go, Vego, Alamir, ProBar, The Good Soup ....with lots more snack options being added daily.

But which 8? Theres only one way to find out. Order yours today!


Vegan Snack Sack Terms and Conditions

No requests.

No exchanges.

No refunds.