The Happy Vegan Mystery Box

Each Vegan Mystery Box contains a selection of the very best Vegan goods from around the world delivered right to your door. And better yet, each box is unique and a complete surprise. Choose between: Original, Gluten-free, Meat(less) Pack, Sweet Treats or Deluxe

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You care about animals and love discovering new animal-friendly products, right? Well have we got something for you! A box chock full of Vegan goodies from The Cruelty Free Shop, delivered direct to your door or sent to someone special as an ethical gift.

What a great way to sample the very best Vegan goods imported from around the world. And better yet, each box is unique and a complete surprise. We like to think of it as a reward for being a caring Kiwi.


There are 5 great Mystery Boxes to choose from;

Original - $39.98

Sweet Treats - $44.98 (For those with a sweet tooth)

Gluten-free - $49.98 (Contains gluten-free only food items)

Meat(less) Pack - $49.98 (Contains a selection of faux meat)

Deluxe - $59.98  (Contains items of greater value, giveaways and samples)


Each Mystery Box contains a unique selection of eight (8) vegan products from our store. All Mystery Boxes contain a combination of snacks and treats, instant meals, pantry staples, personal products and home-wares. The Deluxe Mystery Box contains items of greater value, as well as a shopping bag, giveaways and samples.