The ECO Floss

The ECO Floss is a compostable Dental Floss
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The ECO Floss is a compostable Dental Floss. Compostable Dental Floss!! This one is mint flavoured. 

This dental floss is made from a cornstarch-based PLA. A compostable Plastic. It comes in a re-usable Glass dispenser. Making it convenient to carry with you.

- The ECO Floss offers a compostable alternative to an everyday item.
- The ECO Floss is made from PLA a compostable plant based plastic.
- Dental Floss is used every day and is just thrown into landfill.
- PLA is compostable making it an ECO-friendly choice.
- PLA is a corn-starch based fully biodegradable plastic.
- The ECO Floss is packaged in a glass jar and sold in a compostable kraft paper box.
- The ECO Floss is coated in a Candelilla wax making it vegan-friendly.

Country of Origin: New Zealand