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  1. Alba Tea Tree Deodorant Stick

    Alba Botanica Tea Tree Deodorant Stick


    55g. Tea Tree scented Learn More
  2. Alba Botanica Lavender Deodorant Stick

    Alba Botanica Lavender Deodorant Stick


    57g. Lavender with baking soda and lichen Learn More
  3. Alba Botanica Shave Cream

    Alba Botanica Natural Shave Cream


    227g. Unscented extra conditioning for sensitive skin Learn More
  4. Blue Earth Beard Oil

    Blue Earth Beard Oil


    Out of stock

    50ml. Nourishing beard oils will help soften the beard, ensuring the hair stays soft, supple and healt Learn More
  5. Blue Earth Shampoo Smoothie

    Blue Earth Shampoo Smoothie


    Out of stock

    90g. Handmade shampoo soap Learn More
  6. GLYDE Natural Latex Condoms

    GLYDE Natural Latex Condoms


    Pack of 10. Slim Fit, Ultra or Maxi Ultra

    Learn More
  7. GLYDE Premier Personal Lubricant

    GLYDE Premier Personal Lubricant


    100ml. Water based lube Learn More
  8. Herb Farm Deodorant

    Herb Farm Deodorant


    50ml. Blend of pure essential oils mixed with the natural sweat-absorbing properties of crystal sole Learn More
  9. Omega Shaving Brush

    Omega Shaving Brush


    Omega Italian tradition of artistry with a 100% vegan product Learn More
  10. Preserve Shave 5

    Preserve Shave 5


    Introducing Preserve Shave 5, a next generation razor that is beautifully designed to offer an extraordinary shave while being light on the earth Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 18 total

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