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  1. Blue Earth Beard Oil

    Blue Earth Beard Oil


    50ml. Nourishing beard oils will help soften the beard, ensuring the hair stays soft, supple and healt Learn More
  2. Blue Earth Shampoo Smoothie

    Blue Earth Shampoo Smoothie


    90g. Handmade shampoo soap Learn More
  3. Giovanni Hair Spritz

    Giovanni Hair Spritz


    150ml. Washes out easily leaving a soft conditioned feel Learn More
  4. Giovanni straightening elixir

    Giovanni Straightening Elixir


    200ml. Smooth the curls, relax the waves, control the unruliest hair Learn More
  5. Giovanni Styling Foam

    Giovanni Styling Foam


    207ml. Make hair spring into action, organically Learn More
  6. Giovanni Styling Gel

    Giovanni Styling Gel


    200ml. Organic lavendar, chamomile and thyme combine with shine boosters to make you ready for the spotlight. Learn More
  7. Giovanni Wicked Wax

    Giovanni Wicked Wax


    57g. Wax it, style it and define it. Learn More
  8. Sukin Conditioner

    Sukin Conditioner


    Sukin takes care of the earth as well as your hair. 500ml - $17.90. 1L - $28.90

    Learn More
  9. Sukin Shampoo

    Sukin Shampoo


    Shinier, healthier hair.
    500ml - $16.90. 1 Litre - $28.90

    Learn More
  10. Tints of Nature hair colour

    Tints of Nature Hair Colour


    Tints of Nature is the first permanent hair colour to use certified organic ingredients to colour your hair and cover your greys Learn More

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