Natracare Organic Cotton Ultra Thin Panty Liners - 22 Liners

Organic cotton ultra thin panty liners for a slim fit
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Natracare Ultra Thin organic cotton panty liners are soft, breathable and shaped for extraordinary comfort. They can be used daily as a protective liner especially if your underwear is made from modern synthetic material and you want to be sure that you have only organic cotton next to your skin.

Made only of organic cotton and a biofilm backing, they are extremely thin and durable. Also useful for extra protection when using tampons, when travelling or if using prescriptive creams.

They are not in individual purse packs.

Natracare Panty Liners do not contain synthetic materials, plastics, fragrances, polyacrylate super absorbents or dyes.

Biodegradable and compostable under correct conditions.

Organic cotton ultra thin panty liners for a slim fit

- Certified organic cotton

- Made for sensitive skin

- Plastic free

- GMO free ingredients

- No perfumes or dyes

- Totally Chlorine Free

- Biodegradable & compostable

Ingredients List: Organic Cotton, biofilm plant starch. Packaged in recyclable card.

Country of Origin: Germany