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Great gift ideas and gift crates. Ship them a Box of Wow!

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  1. Gift Crate - Gluten Free

    Gift Crate - Gluten Free


    A fair-trade gift crate full of gluten free goodies Learn More
  2. Gift Crate - Christmas Cheer!

    Gift Crate - Christmas Cheer!


    Out of stock

    A fair-trade gift crate full of Christmas inspired vegan goodies Learn More
  3. Gift Crate - Body Care

    Gift Crate - Body Care


    Contains a clever combination of useful and luxury items Learn More
  4. Gift Certificate

    Gift Certificate


    Gift Certificate for The Cruelty Free Shop, or in-store at The Vegan Shops

    Learn More
  5. ESPE Pastel Card Wallet

    ESPE Pastel Card Wallet


    Colours: Red, Black, Blue, Grey. 

    ESPE’s all new minimalistic pastel series give you a subtle touch of colour to match any occasion Learn More
  6. ESPE Backpack - Macy

    ESPE Backpack - Macy


    Out of stock

    Colours: Grey or Aqua.

    This sleek backpack is detailed with laser cut out flowers and a wide double zipper opening Learn More
  7. ECO Tanka Waterbottles

    ECO Tanka Waterbottles


    Stainless steel ECO Tankas not only keep drinks cooler longer, but they are reusable, durable, and do not leach chemicals into your water like plastic. Make the switch to a more sustainable lifestyle today Learn More
  8. Blue Earth Soap Gift Pack

    Blue Earth Soap Gift Pack


    450g. Hand crafted in the South Island using traditional methods and only the highest quality plant oils and butters. Learn More
  9. Blue Earth Hand Cream

    Blue Earth Hand Cream


    100ml. Handmade in New Zealand with all-natural ingredients Learn More
  10. Blue Earth Body Moisturiser

    Blue Earth Body Moisturiser


    Out of stock

    100ml. Blue Earth's luxurious moisturiser really is clean, green, and cruelty free! Learn More

Items 21 to 30 of 32 total

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