Gift Crate - Meat(less) Pack

A fair-trade gift crate for the meat lover with a conscience
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A great gift for vegans, or anyone who would like to see just how good vegan food can taste. A fantastic selection of faux meats guaranteed to be delicious.

For the 'meat lover with a conscience' in your life, treat him to this extra meaty gift hamper, jam packed with flavours and textures that can sate the cravings

Comes in a fair-trade multi-use wooden crate.

Gift Crate Contents*;

Wheaty Gran Chorizo

Qwrkee Vegan Jerky

Hickory Smoke Liquid

Primal Strip Vegan Jerky

Viana Mild Jumbo

Leahey No Beef Gravy

Nature's Charm Jackfruit

Organic Meat Free Pate

Lotus Textured Soy Protein

Jada Spices Chicken Salt


*Substitutions may occur.