Hamper Gift Box - Meat(less) Pack

(Gift Box contents may differ to photo) A hamper gift box for the meat lover with a conscience
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A great gift for vegans, or anyone who would like to see just how good vegan food can taste. A fantastic selection of faux meats guaranteed to be delicious.

For the 'meat lover with a conscience' in your life, treat him to this extra meaty gift hamper, jam packed with flavours and textures that can sate the cravings

Comes in a NZ made recyclable & compostable Hamper Gift Box.

Hamper Gift Box Contents*;

Textured Soy Protein TVP

Veg. Lamb Kebabs

Hickory Smoke Liquid

Ceres Organic Burger Mix

Primal Strip Vegan Jerky

Off-Piste Vegan Jerky

Massel Stock Powder

Nature's Charm Scallops

Primal Strip

Beanfinity Organic Vegan Pate

Reusable Vegan Shop Shopping Bag

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