The Shed - A Vegan Fiction Book

M. C Ronen is predominately an activist, writing gripping fiction stories with a strong ethical message.
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Sunny is a girl living in a community on a farm in a seemingly apocalyptic world. The farm is electrically fenced and has strict rules that are firmly observed, and especially the rule that girls like Sunny must not enter The Shed, an impending building inside the farm. Only grown women are allowed in, but even then, some who go in never come back. One night, the farm is raided by strangers, and some farm folk are taken. This odd incident propels a series of ominous developments in Sunny’s life.The story develops in an unexpected way, as Sunny escapes the grim destiny to which she was born. It combines suspense, loss, sadness and friendship, despair and hope. and gets quite gritty at times. The lead characters – all girls - are strong, young and brave, but not without faults. Even after you finished reading, chances are, they will stay with you.This book was written as the biggest social justice movement of our time is gaining steam. It is a story for the age of revolution.It may not be recommended for readers under the age of 15 years.

Author: M. C. Ronen

Paperback: 302 pages