The Conscious Cook

Fully-illustrated cookbook
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Looking to wow a meat-eater? This gorgeous, fully-illustrated cookbook was written by a former steak-lover who struggled to find satisfying vegan meals that filled his cravings for meat and dairy. His book collects high-quality recipes by master chefs from around the world that show you how to make a wide range of vegan foods with ingredients that will never leave you bored.

Hardcover. 239 pages

THE CONSCIOUS COOK is a breakthrough in vegan cuisine. By teaching readers how to make truly satisfying and delicious meals without the meat and dairy' it makes the shift to a vegan lifestyle easy. A former steak lover himself' Chef Tal struggled for years on a vegan diet that left him hungry and filled with cravings for butter and meat. About ten years ago' he decided that the best way to satisfy his dietary desires was to make food that was good enough for "foodies" and could gratify his cravings for rich flavor and fat. The solution? Create vegan meals with substantial proteins that could literally change the way people eat. He studied all aspects of non-meat proteins and today is widely regarded as the expert in the field' developing new concepts for meals and sauces and helping to improve textures for food companies such as Gardein (the provider of vegetable proteins used by Morningstar Farms' It′s All Good' Trader Joe′s brands' and the prepared food department of Whole Foods' to name a few). THE CONSCIOUS COOK features a center-of-the-plate protein in all of its entrees-a first for vegan cookbooks. Seventy-five original recipes are organized by categories that include starters and small plates' soups and salads' entrees' and desserts. Each recipe is accompanied by stunning full-color photographs. The Cruelty Free Shop