Herbivore World's Great Vegan Unisex Tee

100% cotton, unisexy tee
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Hey you! We have a major award for you! CONGRATULATIONS!
You are The World's Greatest Vegan, of which there can only be one!
OR, perhaps, if we have awarded you this major award mistakenly, you are here shopping on behalf of The World's Greatest Vegan (of which there can only be one!)
Congratulations, whoever!

This great honor is not to be taken lightly, in the same way Josh did not casually accept the title World's Greatest Bowler when given a mug emblazoned with that honor. Or, also, same, when Josh got the World's Greatest Dad mug a few years later.

So, congratulations to you or whoever this purchase is for! You astound us!

100% cotton, unisexy tee.