Green Vie Grated Dairy-free Parmesan Cheese

Chilled Good 100g. Pasta, risotto - think Italian and you're laughing with this one!

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100g. Vegan, Gluten-free, Soya-free, Palm Oil Free, Non GMO.

A sharp fruity, nutty taste that will add great savour to your pasta, salads and risotto! Bellissimo!!!

Ingredients List: Water,Coconut Oil (23%), Modified Starch, Sea Salt, Emulsifier: Sodium Polyphosphate, Acid Regulator: Glukono-delta-Lactone, Vegan Flavourings, Colour: Natural Beta Carotene, Preservative: Sorbic Acid 

Country of Origin: Greece

Nutritional Information (100g)

Energy Value 1265kj/305kcal
Protein 0.07g
Fat 22.7g
-saturated 20g
Carbohydrate 32g
-sugars 0g
Sodium 1160mg