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Chicken Salt Original, Chicken Salt Red Pepper and Chicken Salt BBQ.
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Chicken Salt Spicy & Barbecue is a 100% Authentic Vegan Parve ALL PURPOSE Seasoning set composed of three flavors: Chicken Salt Original, Chicken Salt Red Pepper and Chicken Salt BBQ. No Chicken or Animal Products & No Manufactured Food Additives - Gluten & MSG Free – Paleo and Vegan Diet compatible– Use as Table Salt or Chicken Bouillon. Spice up all your meals with just one seasoning!

Chicken Salt Original is our original and Best-Selling Chicken Salt seasoning in our collection; it has been featured on The Food Network and has been the best seller on Amazon on two occasions! Chicken Salt Original is perfect for sautéed, guacamole, and vegetable rice recipes, to name a few.

Chicken Salt Red Pepper combines the great taste of Chicken Salt Reduced Sodium with a dash of spice! Perfect for Curry, Chili, and Cajun recipes, to name a few.

Chicken Salt Barbecue combines the great taste of Chicken Salt Reduced Sodium with the smoky, tangy, and delicious sweet taste of BBQ! Perfect for Bake Beans, Ribs, and Brisket recipes, to name a few.

- Vegan: Despite the name “Chicken salt", it contains no chicken ingredients but rather tastes like chicken, making it absolutely safe for Vegans.
- No Manufactured Food additives: NO MSG, NO soy, NON-GMO ingredients and NO chemicals.
- Gluten Free: People who are Gluten sensitive can fully enjoy our seasoning.
- Paleo Diet Compatible- The ingredients in Chicken Salt make it suitable for this modern nutritional diet.
- No Need for Table Salt: For starters, it is an alternative to Table salt. Our seasoning uses unrefined Sea Salt with a refreshingly different flavor.
- No Need for Chicken Bouillon: Chicken Salt does not contain the same ingredients, meat extracts, MSG and chemicals present in chicken bouillon.
- Multiple Usages: All of our Chicken Salt flavors can accompany just about any kind of meal including stews, beef, chicken, vegetables, eggs, popcorn and French Fries.

Country of Origin: USA