Leahey No Beef Brown Gravy - Case of 12

12 x 5g. A smooth delicious gravy with a bounty of savoury flavours

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No Beef Brown Gravy mix creates a smooth gravy with a bounty of hearty, faux beef flavors - with the essence of hickory and oak. You'll love the natural, homemade taste, aroma and appearance!

60g. (Case of 12 x 5g sachets). 4 servings per sachet. Vegan, Non-GMO.

Ingredients List: Maltodextrin, wheat flour (unbleached, unbromated), unmodified food starch, yeast extract, sunflower oil, salt, onion powder, natural flavor, spice.

 (*gmo free)

Country of Origin: USA

Nutritional Information (7.5g dry mix)

Energy Value 18 calories
Protein <1g
Fat 2g
-saturated 0g
Carbohydrate 3.0g
-sugars <1g
Sodium 275mg