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Every purchase supports New Zealand animal welfare. Make a difference every time you shop!

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  1. VeganPet Dog Food Tin

    Veganpet Dog Food Tin


    390g. Nutritionally balanced tin food that is excellent for your dog Learn More
  2. Veganpet Dog Food

    Veganpet Dog Food - 1kg


    1kg. Complete and balanced dog for for puppies to adult dogs Learn More
  3. VeganPet Cat Food Tin

    Veganpet Cat Food Tin


    390g. pH balanced especailly for cats Learn More
  4. Veganpet Cat Food

    Veganpet Cat Food - 1kg


    1kg. Healthy, nutritionally complete and balanced diet for cats Learn More
  5. Natural Dog Shampoo Bar

    Source Living Natural Dog Shampoo Bar


    Out of stock

    Leave coat silky soft & shiny Learn More
  6. Pro-Ketch Mousetrap

    Pro-Ketch Mousetrap


    Catch multiple mice with this professional humane mouse trap. Dimensions: 10.25" x 6.25" x 1.75". Holds up to 20 mice.

    Learn More
  7. Plug In Pest Free

    Plug In Pest Free (Ships in 3-5 Days)


    What to do about those tiny guests that are too small (or too big!) to fit in a humane mouse trap? Learn More
  8. Lively Doggie Dog Food

    Lively Doggie Dog Food - 2kg


    Did you know that one of the oldest living dog was a vegan? Give your dog the best chance at life with this loving dog food made with a holistic, hypoallergenic recipe that enhances white blood cell count and even improves liver, kidney and immune system functioning Learn More
  9. Kness Tip-Trap Mousetrap

    Kness Tip-Trap Mousetrap


    Those little furry visitors need not over stay their welcome with these simple and effective do-it-yourself live mouse traps. Learn More
  10. Gift Certificate - The Vegan Shop

    Gift Certificate - The Vegan Shop


    Gift certificate for in-store purchases at The Vegan Shop in Grey Lynn, AKL.

    Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 25 total

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