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Humane mouse traps that will keep them safe and secure until you are able to move them.

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  1. Kness Tip-Trap Mousetrap

    Kness Tip-Trap Mousetrap


    Those little furry visitors need not over stay their welcome with these simple and effective do-it-yourself live mouse traps. Learn More
  2. Plug In Pest Free

    Plug In Pest Free (Ships in 3-5 Days)


    What to do about those tiny guests that are too small (or too big!) to fit in a humane mouse trap? Learn More
  3. Pro-Ketch Mousetrap

    Pro-Ketch Mousetrap


    Catch multiple mice with this professional humane mouse trap. Dimensions: 10.25" x 6.25" x 1.75". Holds up to 20 mice.

    Learn More

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